Technical Info and problem solution Starwars Ep1 specific:

(Version 2.02)

Ep1 uses the new WMS Pinball2000 technologie.

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Episode1 Specific Problems and Solutions:

The Episode 1 Software Bugs
Bad Microswitches
Bad Optos
Shield gets Stuck

Bad microswitches:

Up to now only the C3PO microswitch was reported in RGP to have problems.
But the latest Ep1 that I have seen had a lot of microswitches misadjusted -
but none of them was defective

Bad Optos:

I once played an Ep1 where the central mirror target opto had a big problem.

Central Shield gets Stuck:
I found it now on at least 2 playfields that had some thousand games on it-
the center shield can no longer fall down all the way and gets stuck before.
The ball no longer hits the (2) rubbers but the shield metal - which makes
a big difference in gameplay as the ball bounces back much slower.
Unfortunately the metal starts looking ugly soon.
I did not find a solution so far - but have time soon.

to be continued by Wiest... 

Martin Wiest - Started: 08.03.2000 - (German date format)