Ep1 Software Bugs:
Page Version 1.08 (added country bug)

Here you can find the current known software bugs of  Ep1 version 1.4 and 1.5 .

If you detect any new bugs, please send an Email to Jack A. Robinson and  Martin Wiest.
They will reported to WMS people and might be corrected in a newer version. (One may have the hope....)

Currently known Ep1 SW Bugs:                  Hint: Scroll down to find all infos or use the tags.
 1) Sound channel stuck
 2) Ramp Shield
 3) Credit scoring
 4) Right saucer audit
 5) Credit Dot
 6) Jedi Letter
 7) Jedi Letter II
 8) Country Bug

1) Reported by Joe Schober at 4.8.2000  for 1.4

Outstanding bugs that I know of, carryovers from 1.3:
- In certain cases, a sound channel gets "stuck" on for a little while.
  This is easiest to repro by starting a new game in the middle of the match
  sequence: you'll often get a stuttering sound leftover from the match sequence
  for a few seconds.  Also occasionally happens during game play.

- "Right Saucer" feature audit is never incremented.

2) Reported by Jim Hicks at 7.8.2000  for 1.4

And (Duncan, cover your eyes), I may have found a bug or two.  First,
the ramp shield works in at least one scene (Pod Racing) where you can
shoot ramps.  (Wasn't able to get enough in a row to try this out in
Darth Maul battle mode, underwater chase or queen's game.).  Maybe
that's how it's supposed to work.  But the one that gets me is that if
you have multiball restart active and hit the center target and THEN
sink a saucer shot, you get no restart, even if the time hasn't
expired.  Sigh.

3) Reported by Roy W. at 16.8.2000  for 1.?

Credit Bug (seems to be on all older P2000 games)
I Roy W. Has discovered an failure with the P2000 Machines,.. i'f you
drop 1 coin (if it's enough for 1credit,..) and press almost the same time
on the startbutton,.....then you get 2 credits instead of 1,... i discovered
that an while ago,...but i thought it was just an failure on that
machine,..NOT ALL the Machines,.. but now i'm sure of it,... because i was
talking with an pinball technician,.. and he said the same story,.. but then
he had it about 2 coins and  gets 3 credits,... anyway,...there is an
problem over here,... is there somebody
who recognizes this problem too,....and so yes,... can we contact the
programmers and let them check it out,..and maybe they could solve this
problem,..and gives out an new update for it,..? well,....i hope i'll get
some respons about this,...
This problem has been probably correctly with version 1.4!

4) Reported by Joe Schober at 15.1..2001  for 1.4

That seems to be an SWE1 bug in all revs of the software.  The "right saucer"
audit never ever gets incremented.

5) Credit DOT (Reported by several within RGP)

The Credit Dot, that shows an actual existing SW detected error, does
sometimes not dissapear although all problems are solved and the DIAG
does not show any error! No one currently known to me did a more
thoroughly analysis of this problem.

6) Jedi Letter (Martin Wiest) for 1.4

When you get a JEDI Letter via C3PO this letter won't be lit at once.
It will be lit after you do the next center ramp shot - might be a kind
of lamp update running when you do this shot.

7) Jedi Letter II (Koi Schober) for 1.4 RGP 10/01

I was playing Star Wars on Friday night and I noticed what seems to be
a bug in the game (one player only): Get the first skill shot of the
game then lock the ball. Get the second skill shot from the ball that
is placed in the plunger and lock that ball. Multiball starts and a
third ball is placed in the plunger area. Get the skill shot off this
ball. You don't get the JEDI letter as you normally would if you had
gotten the three consecutive skill shots without starting MB in the
process. You won't be able to get the skill shot JEDI letter for the
rest of the game after the MB is over either.
The events described above don't have to be done exactly as above, but
the key is to start MB when the third consecutive skill shot is to be
gotten in the game (as when the 2nd ball is locked and the third ball
is put in the plunger area and MB starts).
Koi Morris kmorristaftzww@NOSPAMmindspring.com

Ep1 version 1.4 contains XINA 1.18 and the whole ethernet support from
expo 1999. Thanks to the remaining WMS people for that version build
after the close of the WMS pinball division. (Remember the JarJar..)

Good work Duncan, Cameron, Louis and ..... all I forgot

8)Pinball 2000 country Bug till RFM 1.5 / SWE1 1.4
(reported by Martian Wiest)

 There is a bug in all P2K versions till that moment: if the parallel cable to Powerdriver has lost connection (eg after moving to another place), P2K sets the country to the default (USA). This does not matter, if the country, set on the powerdriver and read at last boot was USA, too. If the country was different, then all settings and highscores etc. get lost at this 'coutry change'. This bug has been corrected at RFM version 1.6 and SWE1 version 1.5! I have the PUB card images for these versions available (and even some pub cards to lend/sell). Ask me, if you are interested.

Martin Wiest - Started: 08.03.2000 - (German date format)