Wizard Blocks Prototype Pictures:

Version 1.00     Hint: Scroll down to find all infos

There exists only one Wizard Blocks Prototype game with a whitewood playfield. It is in posession of Illinois Pinball (Gene Cunningham) who showed it on day to Jim Schelberg from  Pingame Journal . All pictures shown on this page are courtesy of Jim Schelberg who was so kind to send them to me.

These are all 3 Pinball2000 machines at illinois Pinball. The left is the Wizard Blocks Development game.


These are 2 different stages of Whitewood playfields (the left 2 pics show the same PF)


This is the complete game at least playable a little bit.


This is the spinner?


This is the Wizard...


And at least some of the line drawings from the playfield


To be continued.   M.Wiest  for Pin2000.de

Martin Wiest - Started: 08.03.2000 - (German date format)