RFM Software Bugs:
Page Version 2.03 add Mothership reset, add SWAP Bug

Here you can find the current known software bugs of RFM versions 1.4, 1.5 and 1.6.

If you detect any new bugs, please send an Email to Jack A. Robinson and  Martin Wiest.
They will reported to WMS people and might be corrected in a newer version.

RFM version 1.4 Bug(s)
(with thanks to the Williams employees (past & present) who have made RFM a great machine!)

Martian Bowling Reset Bug (Mar. 05, '00)
I was hoping the Martian Bowling reset bug was fixed with release 1.4, but it occurred today. (This can happen when Martian Bowling is picked during
Mystery Mode - usually the 2nd or 3rd bowling frame when the ramp shot is made.)  The Fatal Error reported was:

*** Fatal: Last [XPid 105 APid -1 (Leff_run)] Current[XPid 128 APid -1 (Dispmgr)]
*** Fatal: Displayable (RB): Bitmap Semaphore 78 is too high (1)

No Ship Shown (Feb. 16, '00)
Occasionally when Weapons Bonus Wave Multiball start, there is no ship displayed - all the weapons are there, the mode works, there is just no display
of the ship graphics.  The ship may reappear if an Extra Ball is earned during the mode.

Reset Bug (Feb. 16, '00)
(Editor's note: this bug was reported on RGP, but has not yet been verified and will be considered a fluke until validated by others.)
I was playing my RFM 1.4 last night. Two player game ball 3. Player one on multiball number 2. When I shot the ship for the second super jackpot the
game did a hard crash then reboot. We dropped the glass and tried to recreate the bug and could not.

Credit Bug (seems to be on all older P2000 games)
I Roy W. Has discovered an failure with the P2000 Machines,.. i'f you
drop 1 coin (if it's enough for 1credit,..) and press almost the same time
on the startbutton,.....then you get 2 credits instead of 1,... i discovered
that an while ago,...but i thought it was just an failure on that
machine,..NOT ALL the Machines,.. but now i'm sure of it,... because i was
talking with an pinball technician,.. and he said the same story,.. but then
he had it about 2 coins and  gets 3 credits,... anyway,...there is an
problem over here,... is there somebody
who recognizes this problem too,....and so yes,... can we contact the
programmers and let them check it out,..and maybe they could solve this
problem,..and gives out an new update for it,..? well,....i hope i'll get
some respons about this,...

RFM version 1.5 Bug(s)
(with thanks to the Williams employees (past & present) who have made RFM a great machine!)

 I currently do not know, whether any of the bugs above is still valid in 1.5 and whether there might be a new one in 1.5.
1.5 was build at june 26. 2000  at 1:50  and has XINA 1.18 operating system included.

Pinball 2000 country Bug till RFM 1.5 / SWE1 1.4
(reported by Martian Wiest)

 There is a bug in all P2K versions till that moment: if the parallel cable to Powerdriver has lost connection (eg after moving to another place), P2K sets the country to the default (USA). This does not matter, if the country, set on the powerdriver and read at last boot was USA, too. If the country was different, then all settings and highscores etc. get lost at this 'coutry change'. This bug has been corrected at RFM version 1.6 and SWE1 version 1.5! I have the PUB card images for these versions available (and even some pub cards to lend/sell). Ask me, if you are interested.

RFM Swap Bug / valid for all versions
reported by Hans Balk (Netherlands)

  I found a brand new RFM/SWE1 swap problem. After swapping back my RFM in the game I found after several weeks that something was missing. It took me some time to find that the Hypno Beam COMPLETELY disappeared from the game. Usually the third Stroke of luck, now nothing, not even the 50th (tried manually) I have two Prisms, one with RFM the other with SWE1 roms offcourse. So this strange happening must be motherboard related. (I think, not sure at all) After A factory Reset the hypno beam appeares normal with the third SOL.

Answer from Tom Uban, former Pinball2000 SW developer: The battery backed RAM on the Motherboard is used to store some audit / adjustment data. So if the motherboard is replaced and that region of the battery backed RAM is thought to be valid, the code will use the values there to determine things like when the next Hypno Beam will occur. So when you switch motherboards, it is always a good idea to do a factory reset.

RFM Mothership Multiball Hangup
reported by Ken (USA) on version 1.5

  The game occasionally hangs up in just before 3rd mothership multiball mode (sound continues, all lights go out; video freezes and nothing works until game is shut off and restarted). Has anybody else seen this problem as well? If so, please report.

Martin Wiest - Started: 08.03.2000 - (German date format)