The Pinball 2000 Promotional Display

This Display was obviously produced by NOVA Games, the European Williams Distributor till 1999.

It was produced in a higher number and sold for not much money to the operators to give Pinball2000 even more attraction. This was only one of many measures that NOVA games did to promote Pin2k...  Too bad ...

The Display has to be assembled out of a lot of cardboard parts, some screws and only a little adhesive foam. The 2 Neon tubes have to be attached with tie wraps which need to be replaced when diasassembling and re-assembling the thing. My personal thing was already assembled but the neons I have were new. One was already broken (electrically) so I had luck to have another used one. Unfortunately my outside game room (38 pinball machines) has not enough space to bring that thing completely into correct position. Therefore the following pictures are not as good as they could be. Additionally during taking the pictures my proto RFM had still these long SEGA legs, which raise the machine so much, that the PINBALL2000 sign cannot be seen fully when standing in front of the game. In the mentime I have repplaced these legs by golden ones. Have fun with the pictures and give feedback if something is unclear or should be added to the page.  The total memory amount of all pictures on this page is 550kB. So please be patient!

The inside parts taht cannot be seen later (brown), the black side parts that have to be attached  with screws:


The bigger side plate with stars on it has to be attached with self adhesive foam.


The finished display in side view. The main part cann be folded because it consists out of 6 pieces
that are connected via small wires that are attached to the cardboard with transparent plastic.


See the frontview with the lit blue NEON tubes - cool - they look like laser swords.....


And last but not least the display behind my proto RFM.

And a side view see  here

Hope you had fun with these pictures and survived the lonng loading time.


Martin Wiest - Started: 08.03.2000 - (German date format)