What to do, if Pinball2000 does not boot properly:

Version 1.01, scroll down or print!

My proposed proceeding is the following:

If you switch on your Pin2000 and nothing happens don't panic - in many cases it is just a little error. Follow the chapters below to locate the error and to try a repair/correction. If anything is unclear contact me with a mail. Follow the chapter with ascending numbers and jump to a new chapter (A, B,C...) if a condition is met.

1) Switch on the machine
2) If even the neon does not light up go to B)
3) If neon lights up but after 30 seconds or so there is no bong, no monitor pic and no attract mode flashing continue with C)
4) If bong can be heard and/or attract mode lamp flashing arises, but no monitor pic, continue with monitor diagnostics
5) Else ??

1) Check the power line and cabeling of the machine
2) check the main fuse
3) Measure the 110V which come out of the transformer (worldmarket only)  / measure the 110V that go into computer case
4) No success ???  I don't believe that...

1) check whether the red button in front front of the computer case is pressed down
2) check the power cabling on the rear side of computer case
3) are the fans (CPU and PS) running and the red LED in front is lit - if not - goto D)
4) check the parallel and monitor cabling on left side of computer case
5) open computer case and check whether PRISM seats firmly within it's PCI slot
6) if everything looks OK but still nothing works goto D)

1) Remove all cables from the computer case
2) Takeout and open the computer case
3) Remove the prism card
4) Connect any PC VGA Monitor to the Monitor output
(you may also connect a PC keyboard)
5) Connect the PC box powersupply directly to a 110V line (I think you live in US) or switch the Powersuply to 220V and connect it to 220V (don't forget to switch back later) - use a standard PC power cable for connection
6) Switch it on - it should now make video out and try to boot like a PC
(BIOS Message: No boot device found) If this is OK, then goto E) if not, goto F)

1) Now switch off the computer case again
2) reinstall the PRISM card
3) switch it on again
4) PIN2000 should boot up now - although the image on the monitor looks ugly, it should display something
If nothing happens, PRISM must be faulty - too bad! Last try: Reseat it in another PCI slot.
If a picture comes up, then the monitor seems to be bad or you solved the problem.

1) Check whether Fans are running and Power LED is lit
If not, Power Supply seems to be bad. Check with another one.
2) Probably one of the components is bad
Processor (MEDIA GX),  RAM (Minimum 8MB DIMM PC100 or better),
Mainboard (hard to find Media GX board), or Power Supply...
3) Measure the -5V, +5V, +12V and Power Good output of the powersupply -
if errounous it still might be the mainboard, but don't measure PS without mainboard
attached - it might kill the PS! Ask electronic expert or try with a known working
PIN2000 power supply!
4) Try to exchange the easiest available thing (RAM, Powersupply) and Retry the boot
5) Use an 80h PC Diagnostic Card (still without PRISM installed) to see how far the board boots
6) Replace the board with a working spare board - hope you bought one when they were avail.

Please be careful with all your steps. I can't give any warrenty if anything is damaged.

Hints from other RGP people in former times:

>A question for other RFM owners on the list:
>My new machine has on three occasions failed to boot.  When you turn the
>power on, the screen is completely blank on no lights appear on the
>playfield (only the backglass powers up).
>I've looked over everything in the PC case and nothing seems loose.  The
>only "fix" to this problem was a good whack on the outside of the PC case.
>Not a comforting solution, especially since this game is new.
>Has anyone else had this problem?  Is there a known defect in the PC boards
>or some other component?  I'm under warranty, so I'd like to know the cause
>before it expires.

Answer 1)

The couple of times I have seen this it has been the same thing: the
Prism card is not seated properly in its slot.  It looks like it's in,
the screw holding the one side to the bulkhead is in, you press on the
card and it feels like it's in...but it's not.  With the power off,
open the lid to the PC box and with the heel of your hand press VERY
FIRMLY on the free end of the Prism card (the end away from the
bulkhead.  I'm betting you will feel it THUNK down in another mm or 2.
You could even try removing the screw, pulling the card out and
putting it back in square to begin with (since if it's cockeyed like
that, the high corner of the card may be catching on the housing of
the PCI slot connector.)

Let us know...


Thanks folks!  The problem is (apparently fixed).  Here's what I did:
I followed Duncan's advice.

Ok, ok.  Here's the details:
The PRISM card looked to be seated.  I removed the card and reinstalled it.
It was still quite loose on the rear edge (furthest from the screw).  So, I
switched the card to the other PCI slot.  It held more firmly, and presto,
booted just fine.  As a test, I swung a 20lb sledge at the PC case while the
game was running....  Well, maybe not.  But it did stay working as I slid
the case back into the back box, something it wouldn't do when the PRISM
card was in the other slot.   Bottom line: bit of a flaky connection between
the card and the PCI slot.

Glad to have this fixxed, as I've ordered a SWE1 kit and will need to
replace the PRISM card when switching games.

Joe Martz
New Mexico

Answer 2)

The only defect I know of on the p2k motherboards is a bad run of cpu chips
on some of the RfM games (and on some SWE1 with cpu's refurb'd from RfM
returns) ... pretty rare, though.  Fix is simple : new CPU chip.

Your problem, however, sounds like it may be wiring/power related.

Unplug and replug *everything* in the cpu case and reseat the power plug
on the back.  See if that doesn't help a bit ...

If not, get a new cpu case under warranty.  You can get one advanced in
without a prism card and transfer the prism card to the new case, that way
you'll keep all your scores/settings/whatever ...

- Jonathan

Martin Wiest - Started: 08.03.2000 - (German date format)